List of products by CATARINA MARTINS

Catarina Martins arrives on the scene in September 2003 by the hand of
Paulo Martins. The brand’s philosophy “Life is too shor t to take a nap” embodies the
urgency in continuous innovation, attention to detail and dynamic response
to an ever changing market place. It’s no surprise that Catarina
Martins biggest market is Italy where demand for design and quality is at
its most prevailing but combine that with affordable price and you surely
have a winner. Catarina Martins signature is Vintage but fresh, Contemporary but Edgy.
We have nurtured a signature of hand dyed and washed leathers in every
collection giving Catarina Martins a recognizable id regardless of which
brands are sitting by its side in store. A tribute to the region and the traditionally hardworking people of the North of Portugal, every pair of Catarina Martins bears the label “Shoes
made in region of Oporto”: Catarina Martins suppliers and manufacturing
partners are hand picked in the region of Oporto, for their many
decades of genuine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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